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Clear aligner design
Auto align technology

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Automation is the future

Bring dentone into your office,

you can experience more efficient and effective ways

to design clear aligners with automatic technology.


You can do clear aligner
design and manufacture
easily and quickly in your office.

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Simple and powerful

Dentone allows you to have full control over your clear aligner design. It's an easy and successful experience from start to end.

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Time saving

AI segmentation, auto alignment and real-time overlap features are the

key for clear aligner design.

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Maximizes profit

Dentone reduces your chairtime, cost and increases productivity and maximizes revenue.

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Easy Access

Access dentone solutions anywhere, anytime with internet connection.

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AI tooth segmentation

Within 5 seconds with AI technology

  • Web-based AI system

       (No high-end PC required)

  • Compatible with any types and brands of scanners

  • Intuitive process

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Auto alignment

The world's first auto movement and alignment with

real-time tooth contact check technology

  • One-click auto alignment

  • Physics-based models with auto movement technology


Auto step generation

Automatically generate step as per the setting of movement by the user

  • Fast step generation time

  • When the tooth position is changed in a specific step, the tooth position of other steps is automatically updated.

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Powerful tools

Essential features for clear aligner design

  • Layers for staging

  • Virtual IPR

  • Attachments includes bite ramps

  • Label (Auto numbering)

Dentone WEB

Cloud-based data

Save your data in the cloud and use it anywhere, anytime


  • Dentone is available anywhere with WI-FI

  • Secured data with virus and ransomware free cloud environment

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Technology leads to automation

With more than 10 orthodontic patented technologies,

dentone's auto-features provide users with unique and simple experience.

Dentone is easier, faster and more accurate to design clear aligners.

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Are you ready

to start designing clear aligner?