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Please see how dentOne innovates ideas to improve

Clear Aligner treatment.


Aligner workflows has improved

in a suprising way


Dr. Henrique Bacci

Exclusive Orthodontist
Presidente da ABOL (Associação Brasileira de Ortodontia Lingual)


Clear aligner design
Auto align technology

dentOne is the world's first free clear aligner design software.

Bring dentOne into your office,

you can experience more efficient and effective ways

to design clear aligners with automatic technology.

Design software

AI tooth segmentation

Within 5 seconds with AI technology

  • Web-based AI system

       (No high-end PC required)

  • Compatible with any types and brands of scanners

  • Intuitive process

AI tooth segmentation.png
Auto alignment.png

Design software

Auto alignment

The world's first auto movement and alignment with

real-time tooth contact check technology

  • One-click auto alignment

  • Physics-based models with auto movement technology

Design software

Auto step generation

Automatically generate step as per the setting of movement by the user

  • Fast step generation time

  • When the tooth position is changed in a specific step, the tooth position of other steps is automatically updated.

Auto step generation.png
Cloud-based data management.png


Cloud-based data

Save your data in the cloud and use it anywhere, anytime


  • dentOne is available anywhere with WI-FI

  • Secured data with virus and ransomware free cloud environment

Model Base

Model base is necessary to remove unnecessary parts from scan data shortly, and is needed for 3D printing(closed mesh).


Layer can set the order of tooth movement and positions step by step. Layer can be added and deleted. Use the layer function to set treatment strategies such as expansion, alignment, and retraction.

3_Layer 2.png
5_Auto Push.gif

Auto Push

Auto push function to push away automatically overlaps amounts and teeth will be in the contact position. Auto push can greatly reduce tooth setup time as not moved teeth individually. Also, auto push can design more accurate clear aligners without overlaps or spaces between teeth.


You can control the thickness and the position accurately.

Occlusion Check

You can check the occlusion of Mx and Md. The occlusal condition shall be automatically updated when teeth are moved.


Superimposition function can overlap of teeth before and after treatment, and provide diversity options(pre-position, position of latest, and layer). You can intuitively check the direction and amount of tooth movement by using the overlapping function.

9_3D Animation.gif

3D Animation

You can check the amount of tooth movement with 3D animation, and confirm using rotating in 3D. Also, you can check the occlusion of Mx and Md by showing and hiding the specific tooth. You can save the video file.


Attachment allows you to use various attachments and

control the size.

  • Rotation/Extrusion/Root Control(negative)/Translation

  • Cutout/Elastic Hook/Bite Ramp


You can label a model. The 3D-printed tooth model is difficult to discern stages with the human eye. Label to distinguish each step of the model. The label number is set automatically for each step.


You can use the hollow function when you export your design. This function helps you to reduce 30% up to 50% the amount of resin for 3D printing.

Cutting Line

This function automatically finds the gingival line, and is to link with the machine that automatically cuts the clear aligner sheet. It is enabling faster and more efficient making clear aligners with unified setup and trimming lines.

Share (Free Viewer)

You can share design files, be coached and get assistance from anyone, and clinically evaluate them.

15_Share (Free Viewer).gif

3D Editing tools

These functions help you to edit easily the scanned data with a simple operation. For example, If the tooth surface is bumpy, foreign, or pitted, it can be easily restored to its original shape.

Study Model

You can easily create an orthodontic study model, and use various types of study models.
( Parallel, ABO, Tweed, Ricketts, and ABO 2013 )

얇음 1.png

Simple and powerful

dentOne allows you to have full control over your clear aligner design. It's an easy and successful experience from start to end.

얇음 2.png

Time saving

AI segmentation, auto alignment and real-time overlap features are the

key for clear aligner design.

얇음 3.png

Maximizes profit

dentOne reduces your chairtime, cost and increases productivity and maximizes revenue.

얇음 4.png

Easy Access

Access dentOne solutions anywhere, anytime with internet connection.


Price table

Designing is free.
Only pay for what you use.
Exporting for only $1 per .stl

Technology leads to automation

With more than 10 orthodontic patented technologies,

dentOne's auto-features provide users with unique and simple experience.

dentOne is easier, faster and more accurate to design clear aligners.

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