clearaligner / 3D Orthodontic Software

Convergence technology benefits everyone
in the dental world.

About us

DIORCO ("Digital Orthodontic Company") is a company
specializing in orthodontic solutions development.

We provide a variety of solutions that facilitate diagnosis,
consultation for orthodontic patients and appliance production.

Based on our products exceptional excellency and expandability,
we are leading a "Paradigm Shift" in orthodontic 3D diagnosis and appliance
production market. More than 20 years of experience in orthodontic solution
development, sales, and customer support,
we promise to provide the best products and services.

Diorco Co., Ltd. is the only company specialized in developing 3D Dental Software in Korea.

We keep ask ourselves a question “What values can we bring to our customers?” In November, 2019, we launched World’s first 3D Orthodontic Software ‘Autolign’ with real-time collision processing technology. Only hoped to benefit more people from advanced technology, therefore we designed ‘Autolign’ to be the easiest 3D Orthodontic Software. Intuitive, Easy and Fast.

“Easy and Convenient Orthodontic Software”

This is the value that we can provide to our customers and this is what Diorco’s team can do best with their utmost efforts. We wish to provide more doctors, lab technicians and patients peace of mind and assurance with our technology.

As for today, Our team works diligently to provide easiest software that ANYONE in dental Industry could utilize.



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