Clinical case



Not treatable in short-term


Steps : 11

Treatment period : approx. 22 weeks

Analysis : maxillary lateral incisor cross bite

크로스바이트 미드_백상치과 이소영 비포.PNG
크로스바이트 미드_백상치과 이소영 애프터.PNG


After creating a space for alignment while resolving anterior crowding,

#12/#22 I made the teeth jump.

Afterwards, the central incisor that protruded anteriorly was aligned while retraction, 

and the setup was completed with overall retraction.



Steps : 17

Treatment period : approx. 34 weeks

Analysis : anterior cross bite

크로스바이트 롱_백상치과 이재하 비포.PNG
크로스바이트 롱_백상치과 이재하 애프터.PNG


Because the treatment is quite complex, we did not design all the steps at once, but

several new impressions and model scans.

We first setup to eliminate crowding through IPR and expansion.

During the maxillary expansion, the mandibular intrusion and + torque were performed

to avoid occlusal interference with the goal of lateral incisor jumping.

During retraction, #12/#22 extrusion was performed to avoid open bite.