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Clinical case


Steps : 7

Treatment period : approx. 14 weeks

Analysis : minor anterior crowding

크라우딩 숏_요시다 세오누키 비포.PNG
크라우딩 숏_요시다 세오누키 애프터.PNG


For the maxillary, crowding was eliminated with just an expansion setup, and aligned.

For the mandibular, a retraction space was needed to avoid occlusal interference, so we setup an expansion with IPR.

After crowding was resolved, ideal alignment was achieved through rotation leveling,

and finally space closing and setup were completed by retraction.



Steps : 12

Treatment period : approx. 24 weeks

Analysis : anterior crowding

크라우딩 미드_백상치과 김근령 비포.PNG
크라우딩 미드_백상치과 김근령 애프터.PNG


To secure space, IPR and expansion setup of the mandibular anterior region were performed.

After securing space, aligned it while adjusting the rotation and tip.

In the last retraction step, we made some overcorrection and completed the setup.



Steps : 23

Treatment period : approx. 46 weeks

Analysis : severe crowding at Mx/Mn

크라우딩 롱_요시다 Andrew 비포.PNG
크라우딩 롱_요시다 Andrew 애프터.PNG


In the case of very severe crowding and close occlusal relationship, we performed expansion setup and IPR together.

We mainly aligned central incisor axis adjustment and #22 rotation for the maxillary,

and #31 rotation and #32/42 labial movement for the mandibular.

We performed IPR once more due to severe crowding, and the setup was completed after retraction.

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