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DentOne is a free clear aligner design platform

DentOne provides all necessary information and solutions to design and manufacture clear aligners easily and quickly. All clinicians and technicians can use DentOne for clear aligner service from order to design and manufacture using the web, design software and viewer.

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How clear aligner works

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How to make clear aligner

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All about clear aligner

Clear aligners apply gentle, consistent pressure to the teeth to

progressively improve the patient’s smile. Clear aligners can treat patients

more discreetly and conveniently compared to conventional orthodontic treatment. Most cases such as malocclusion, spacing and crowding can be

treated with clear aligners

For more information on general treatment using clear aligners, click ‘more’.



We help you to understand from simple to complex clinical cases using clear aligner.

learn how clear aligner works through clinical cases.



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Clinical case

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