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You can find FAQ and their answers

[3D Setup] How to move/rotate a tooth in the other direction?
[3D Setup] Where can I set the position of the arch in the arch stage?
[3D Setup] Can I try multiple setups (ex. extraction, non-extraction setup, etc.) for the same scan files?
[3D Setup] The Tooth Control window(tooth movement setting window) is disappeared. How can I open it again?
[3D Setup] Why do I need setup using Layer?
[3D Setup] The center of rotation is at the tip. Can I change it to the root?
[3D Setup] What is the standard for the “Auto Align” function?
[3D Setup] How can I check the occlusion?
[3D Setup] Can I move multiple teeth at once?
[3D Setup] During adjusting the teeth with the arrow, the number and arch line cover the arrow. Can I turn it off?
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