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Fabrication know-how

Discover know-how/tips/cautions shared by aligner fabricating experts


To obtain the best quality of scan data, we explain scan know-how and key points.

Scanning process


The following preparations are required for acquiring accurate and high-quality tooth scan data.

Intra-oral scanner : Good oral condition such as scaling.
Desktop scanner : Please refer to the following videos.

Remove positive air bubbles

Correcting margin lines

Remove excessive parts

Fill negative air bubbles

Bite check

Scanner performance & scan strategy

To obtain the highest quality scan data, we suggest the accuracy standard for full arch as follows, so please use a suitable scanner.  Also, please strictly follow scan strategy recommended by scanner manufacturer each.

Compatible file type : STL, OBJ, PLY

Accuracy standard for full arch




50㎛ ± 10

Desktop scanner

10㎛ ± 2

Suitable scan data

Remove excessive parts

Fill holes

Points to check when scanning

Scan area

Not suitable


Must scan at least 4mm below margin line

Must be scannerd up to posterior

Bite check

Check bite to make sure the scan was proper.
To confirm bite, compare it with the patient’s oral photograph.

Check bite – If left and right molars are open when viewed from the back, it’s not suitable.

Not suitable


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