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Create Step / Edit Step


This tab allows users to create steps of clear aligners,
add attachment & labels, and export STL files for manufacturing.

Create Step / Edit Step

: Function to create steps.​

  • Example: Init > Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 > Layer 1

If 3 aligners are required to reach from Init to layer 1, 3 steps shall be automatically created.

It is possible to determine the aligner numbers with total movement value per step,
or amount of movement value to determine the number of aligners to be produced.

If steps are created, it automatically changes to Edit Step mode.
User may verify the position of each tooth on every step and move them.

Show All Step

Show All Step

1. 2D

Show All Step_2D.bmp

: Displays all steps in 2D images

  • Occlusal view of Mx and Md shall be displayed

2. 3D

Show All Step_3D.bmp

: Displays all steps in 3D

Add Attachment

Add Attachment

: Function to add and edit attachments​.

                Attachment placement during the treatment.

                Root control

                Anterior and posterior alignment.

  • Left click any attachments from the Attachment list, and left click on a tooth to place it.

  • Use the control arrows to move and rotate.

  • Width and Height can be controlled with +/- button.

  • Delete: Delete selected attachment.

  • Delete all: Delete all attachments.

  • Select Layer of current step of the aligner to apply same attachments for further steps.

  • Use negative attachements.

  • Use Bite ramps for anterior, and molar bite lamps for posterior teeth.

9. Modeler_Add Attachment_이미지.png


: Function to add and edit labels.
                Click Add(Number) or Add(Text), and enter texts and click on the desired position to place labels.
                Use the control arrows to move and rotate.
                Add (Number) : Step numbers shall be automatically generated next to entered texts.

                Add(Text) : Displays entered texts only.
                Edit : Edit texts.
                Delete : Delete selected labels.

  • If changing step, the step number of label shall be automatically changed.

Cutting Line

Cutting Line

: Function to create cutting line for STL files.
                Cutting line shall be displayed automatically.

                User may edit control points to define the area.

  • Last step of each layers shall be automatically selected, and cutting line shall be created automatically.

  • If cutting line is modified in previous and subsequent steps,

       the modified cutting line shall automatically reflected on other steps.

  • Edit point position: Left click and drag point to move.

  • Add point: Right click on the contour line to add point.

  • Delete point: Right click on the point to delete.

Tip 1: If creating cutting line moving from last to first step,
          this process shall be finished easily and fast due to
          apply automatically the modified cutting line information.

Cutting line's position

  • Default position: Below 1mm of gingival line.

  • User can change default position value in setting.ini.

  • Edit value in C:\DentOne\OneDESIGN\Setting.ini "GingivalMargin=1.0".

   * Linked product: ROBOT&DESIGN's products

Export File

Export File

1. Export mode

: Export STL files of steps within the selected layer

2. Base cutting mode

: Trims unnecessary base parts of selected layer,
  then export steps in STL format

Adjust the vertical control to set the plane
to cut


Set the plane to be cut so that it does not pass through the attachments or labels.

* Notes

Tip 1: How to shorten export time

Untick "Union Operations" in Settings to shorten export time dramatically only if it does not contains cutting line information.

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