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This tab allows users to change the coordinates of the model and create a base.
Major functions: Re-Orientation, Create Mx/Md Base functions
other than major functions are supplimental.


Check if Mx/Md has correct occlusal and if not rescan is required.

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4

3-1. 정상적이지 않은 교합1.png
3-2. 정상적이지 않은 교합2.png
3-3. 정상적이지 않은 교합3.png
3-4. 정상적이지 않은 교합4.png
* Notes


This function rotates the model to face the front.

Coordinates of the model may differ by scanner manufacturer.


4-1. Viewer_3Shape스캐너_이미지.png


4-2. Viewer_CS3600스캐너_이미지.png


4-3. Viewer_DOF스캐너_이미지.png
* Notes

1. Reference Point

Reference Point 단계.png

: This step sets 3 reference points for re-orientation


Click the right molar, anterior teeth and left moalr area to set the reference point
Undo reference point: Right click

If the model is flipped, flip it back, then set 3 reference points.


5-2. Viewer_뒤집힌 3D파일.png


5-3. Viewer_정상적인 3D파일.png
* Notes
Create Mx / Md Base

2. Re-Orientation

Reorientation 단계.bmp

: This step adjusts the position of Mx/Md


Use control arrows to adjust

3. Mx / Md

Mx 단계.bmp
Md 단계.bmp

: This step adjusts the position of both Mx and Md in case of wrong position


Use control arrows to adjust

Create Mx / Md Base

This function is to trim unnecessary area and to create base.

1. Region

Region 단계.bmp

: Select area to trim


Hold Ctrl + Left click to select the area

  • Return to starting point to finish

  • Point move: Left click and drag the point

  • Add point: Right click on the line

  • Delete point: Right click on the point

* Notes

If the message “Unexpected structure” is displayed during the base creation, it means that there are defects on the scan model. Please send the 3D file to dentone customer center. We will deliver repaired model shortly, and you may restart with repaired file.

6. Viewer_unexpected structure 알림창 발생_이미지.png

2. Separate

Separate 단계.bmp

: Display trimmed area along necessary area

3. Base

Base 단계.bmp

: Choose the height of the base


Adjust the height with the control arrow

Create Study Model

4. Plane

: Unnecessary area shall be trimmed and base shall be created

Edit Mesh

Create Study Model

This function creates a standard study model.

Clipping View

Edit Mesh

This function allows users to adjust surface area of the model.

  • Provide Smooth / Push / Pull functions.

Clipping View

This function displays section of the model.

7. Viewer_Clipping View_이미지.png
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