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Clinical case



Not treatable in short-term


Steps : 12

Treatment period : approx. 24 weeks

Analysis : lateral incisor open bite

open bite mid term (before).png
open bite mid term (after).png


To secure space, IPR and expansion setup were performed.

In order for the maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth to act as an undercut, + torque

was applied to the labial surface to tilt it, and then the setup was made to position it on

the occlusal surface. In the retraction layer, - torque was applied to increase the amount of overbite. 



Steps : 19

Treatment period : approx. 38 weeks

Analysis : severe anterior open bite

오픈바이트 롱_임석주치과 임예지 비포.PNG
오픈바이트 롱_임석주치과 임예지 애프터.PNG


Aligned after securing space by an expansion setup for the maxilla, and anterior IPR before treatment for the mandible.

Extrusion was induced by proceeding with the both jaws torque and extrusion setup.

For extrusion, we attach attachments for the fifth step aligner.

We reduced the burden of tooth movement distance by distributing the amount of movement across multiple layers.

After adjusting the amount of overjet and overbite along with overall retraction, the setup was finished.

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