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The world's first open platform

Clear aligner platform
Web management,
design software & viewer


The total solution is your competitive edge

Bring dentOne into your office,

you can experience the total solution

for more efficient and effective clear aligners.


You can experince perfect clear aligners service system
in seconds with just creating dentOne account.

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Simple and powerful

dentOne web management allows all users to use it without training as a user-friendly UI.

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On-line communication

Effective and correct communication is the key success factor for clear aligner service. dentOne allows you to manage cases effectively.

Free system build.png

Free system build

Start dentOne, and join it.

All service system, web management / design soft ware / viewer, is free.

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Easy Access

Access dentone solutions anywhere, anytime with internet connection.


Web management

Web-based, anyone can easily manage service.

  • Clinic can manage patient and request service.

  • Lab can manage service.

  • Secure data

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Design software.png

Design software

Design software

Highly optimized design software for clear aligners

  • AI tooth segmentation

  • Auto alignment

  • Auto step generation

  • Powerful tools



Clinic direct check and edit 3D design data is the fastest and most effective communication.

  • 3D step animation

  • Staging information (IPR, attachment)

  • Analysis tools 

      (Bolton ratio, arch width, overjet/overbite)

  • Clinic check & edit

3D viewer.png

Are you ready to become

a clear aligner service provider?

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