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Clinical case



Not treatable in short-term


Steps : 10

Treatment period : approx. 20 weeks

Analysis : anterior protrusion

돌출 미드_하이치과 박예연 비포.PNG
돌출 미드_하이치과 박예연 애프터.PNG


Secured a space with IPR, 

the setup was performed by focusing - torque and intrusion in the maxillary anterior region.

An intrusion setup was added to prevent extrusion during retraction.

To increase success rate of intrusion setup, it is efficient to attach attachments to the anterior region.



Steps : 20

Treatment period : approx. 40 weeks

Analysis : maxillary anterior protrusion including severe protrusion of central incisors

돌출 롱_백상치과 최윤서 비포.PNG
돌출 롱_백상치과 최윤서 애프터.PNG


Because the treatment is quite complex, we did not design all the steps at once,

but several new impressions and model scans.

Due to the lack of space for the maxillary, IPR was performed on the premolars,

and the whole dental arch from the premolars to the premolars was expanded and

moved to make the arch from V to U shape, reducing the protrusion of the central incisors.

After creating a space for the central incisors to move, the intrusion was given along with retraction to prevent overbite.

IPR was performed on the mandibular premolars and the arch was expanded to create an environment for improving the long axis of the anterior teeth. At the same time, after adjusting + torque, intrusion, and tip to the anterior teeth, retraction was performed to significantly lower the overbite and create a condition for rearward movement of the maxillary incisors.

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