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Design service

Implementing optimal tooth movement based on accumulated data from over 33,000 cases
If you have limited clinical experience or lack the time to design yourself, entrust us with your service

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Steps : 7
Treatment period : about 14 weeks
Analysis : minor anterior crowding


Steps : 4
Treatment period : about 8 weeks
Analysis : minor anterior spacing

Cross bite

Steps : 11
Treatment period : about 22 weeks
Analysis : maxillary lateral incisor cross bite

Most competitive pricing

Simple case

Less than 18 steps

$50 / per case

Moderate & Complex case

More than 18 steps

$100 / per case

※ Free redesigns up to 3 rescan.

How to Review and Modify in 3D

With an exclusive 3D viewer, design confirmation and direct modification are possible.


Explains how to place orders on dentOne (within 1 minute).

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