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Clinical case


Steps : 4

Treatment period : approx. 8 weeks

Analysis : minor anterior spacing

스페이싱 숏_새이치과 이상훈_비포.PNG
스페이싱 숏_새이치과 이상훈_애프터.PNG


The central incisor tip in both Mn/Mx is not good, and there is space.

Make an ideal arch line by adjusting rotation and tip, and retraction, and finally setup to resolve space.

Since the amount of overjet is larger than the normal occlusal, we adjusted the - torque.



Steps : 12

Treatment period : approx. 24 weeks

Analysis : anterior spacing

스페이싱 미드_나노치과 오현택 비포.PNG
스페이싱 미드_나노치과 오현택 애프터.PNG


The axis of the maxillary central incisor is - tipping, so the axis is corrected by + tipping and the space is uniformed.

Using the remaining space, the mandibular was aligned through tip adjustment and slight torque adjustment.

Since it is a case where the maxillary overbite is insufficient, a little intrusion was added when retraction.



Steps : 17

Treatment period : approx. 34 weeks
Analysis : big space at anterior

스페이싱 롱_서울패밀리 임영현 비포.PNG
스페이싱 롱_서울패밀리 임영현 애프터.PNG


We setup without IPR because there is enough space.

Since this patient has a poor periodontal disease, we divided the steps as finely as

possible to reduce the amount of movement per device.

After alignment by applying rotation, we perform retraction over three layers, and slowly close space.

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