dentOne / clearaligner / 3D Orthodontic Software


We provide video tutorial on how to use design software and how to order services

Getting started video guide for new users

Describing the overall workflow of the design program

Demonstrating methods for moving, rotating, and scaling models​

Resetting coordinates to orient the model frontally​​

Trimming messy areas of the model and creating a base​​

Separating teeth using AI or manual methods​

Setting the axis of separated teeth

Adjusting tooth positions and attributes​

Conducting and reverting IPR on teeth​

Automatically aligning all teeth​

Automatically relocating adjacent teeth​

Establishing paths (layers) to reach the final setup position​

Creating and modifying steps for clear aligners​

Attaching and modifying attachments​

Applying and revising virtual teeth​

Attaching and revising labels​

Saving each step's STL file for clear aligner fabrication​​

Clinical Cases1​

Clinical Cases2​

Clinical Cases3​

Creating a study model

Moving the entire mandible

Exporting hollow models

Export method for directly printed aligner

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