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Video Guides by dentOne

Helpful videos and written materials, focusing on clinical and practical aspects of aligner therapy

Basic Application

 Explain the overall process of designing clear aligner using dentOne

Getting Start (master in 5 min)


This function rotates the model to
face the front

This function is to trim unnecessary area and to create base

Create Mx, Md Base

tooth segmentation function.


This step allows users to check
and correct the tooth axis


Function to create new setup
User may create different setups
at same time

New Setup

This step is to set the position
and properties of the teeth

Tooth Setup

Choose a tooth and right click to select between Mesial and Distal


Function that automatically aligns
all teeth based on the occlusal
plane and arch

Auto Align

Function that automatically push away neighboring tooth when moved

Auto Push

Function to add Layers


Function to create steps

Create Step, Edit Step

Function to add and edit attachments​

Add Attachment

Function to add and edit labels


Export STL files of steps within the selected layer

Export File

Clinical Application

#4 2:1 layers digitalization up to 2mm of class II correction

Dr. Bacci

#2 Attachment

Dr. Abdulah

#1 Spacing case tips

Dr. Abdulah

#3 Open coil effect

Dr. Bacci

#2 Premolar derotation

Dr. Bacci

#6 Segmentation

Dr. Cha

#5 Modeler

Dr. Cha

#4 Erupting Tooth Relief before 3D Setup using Edit Tooth

Dr. Cha

#3 Relapse - IPR for detailing

Dr. Cha

#2 Relapse Case

Dr. Cha

#1 Primeiros Passos

Dr. Bacci

#1 View

Dr. Cha

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