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Viewer manual

Detailed manuals for viewer software


This section explains how to handle 3D data, change layout, use common tools and set default values.

3D Viewer

This section explains how to rotate, zoom in&out, and pan to check 3D data.

1. Rotate / Zoom / Pan

  • Rotate: Left click + drag
  • Zoom: Mouse wheel
  • Pan: Right click + drag


This section explains how to change the screen composition, view position and size of windows.

1. View screen

: Function tool bar, View screen, Direction tool bar, Side tool bar, it consists of a Step control area.

Step control

Steps from lnitial State to Lab Final State are displayed separately.

  • When each step is selected, the 3D model corresponding to the selected step is displayed in View.
  • Step is moved by selecting the arrow on the left or the white bar on the right.


1. Common Tools

Right rotate: Rotate 90 degrees to the right

Front rotate: Rotate to the front

Left rotate: Rotate 90 degrees to the left

Back rotate: Rotate to the back

Upper rotate: Rotate to Mx occlusal

Lower rotate: Rotate to Md occlusal

Mx show/hide: Show/Hide Mx

Md show/hide: Show/Hide Md

Reset rotate: Reset camera

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