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Viewer manual

Detailed manuals for viewer software

Function tool bar

Describes the features of Viewer Software.

Free draw

Switch to drawing mode.

  • Edit button: line thickness button, line color button, text input button, erase button, image save button, exit button.


Displays a grid above the 3D model.


Overlap the 3D model of the lnital State and Lab Final State.

  • Init Select : Allows you to turn the overlay on and off, and adjusts the lnital State transparency to the slide bar.
  • Step Control : A step in the lnital State is added to Step Control.


Color the contact area and extent of the upper and lower jaw.

  • Show Occasional Contacts: Allows you to turn on and off the contact area and degree display.
  • Teeth Transparency : You can choose the transparency of your teeth at 25% and 50%.


Save the file with two options: Snowshot and Movie.

  • Screenshot : Saves the 3D model shown on the View screen as Screenshot.
  • Movie : Save the 3D model shown on the View screen as a video.

    • Current: A video that stores the 3D model that is currently displayed on the View screen.
    • Front : Video that stores the front of the 3D model shown on the View screen.
    • Composite : A video that stores a 5-part screen of the 3D model’s Right rotate, Front rotate, Left rotateUpper rotate, and Lower rotate shown on the View screen. 


Displays the analysis information required for calibration.

  • Tooth Movement Table : Displays the amount of tooth movement.
  • Bolton Analysis : Bolton ratio information is displayed.
  • Overjet and Overbite : The Overjet and Overbite information is displayed.
  • Arch Width : Displays Arch Width information.


Turns on and off IPR information in View.


Turns on and off Attachment information in View.


The menu for View, Static, and Teen is displayed.

  • View : Select the split of the screen shown in the View screen from 1, 2, 5.
  • Pontic : You can see it by forming an artificial tooth in a toothless place, and it can be turned on and off.
  • Teen : You can see the space of the teeth that were exposed during the mixed tooth season by forming artificial teeth, and it is possible to turn on and off.
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