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Viewer manual

Detailed manuals for viewer software


Edit or Confirm function for Setup.


Check the design and use it when you need to modify it.

1. Revision Request

: After checking the design, I request the parts that need to be modified as comments.

  • If you select the OK button after entering the comment, the review is completed with the Revision Request.

2. Direct Edit

: Check the design and modify the parts that need to be modified.

  • If you select the Submit button after modifying it yourself, the review will be completed with Direct Edit.

1. Tooth

1-1. Use the controls displayed when selecting the teeth.
1-2. Use the ◀, ▶ buttons on the right to modify the teeth.

2. Attach & Cuts

2-1. Select the Attach & Cuts button on the right to add/delete Attach & Cuts to the 3D model.

3. IPR

3-1. “+” When the button is selected, the amount of IPR is displayed where IPR is required and can be increased/decreased by 0.1.


Check Digisn and select it when no modification is required to complete the review.

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