dentOne / clearaligner / 3D Orthodontic Software

Web manual

Detailed manuals for patient management and ordering services.

Sign up and Sign in

Describes the contextual screen configuration.

Start screen

1. Sign in

: Receive user information to use dentOne.

  • Sign in Failed
    1. Please reconfirm your ID, Password.
    2. If you lose the password, please change the password by pressing the “Forgot password?” button.
  • ​If you get Password wrong 5 times
    1. Automatic input protection characters are generated.
    2. Please enter the correct password and automatic input prevention characters.

2. Forgot password

: This screen resets the password if you lose the password.

  • Automatic input prevention character: Automatic input prevention character is displayed.
  • Refresh button : This button reloads the anti-automatic character.

3. Create your account

: The screen that receives user information.

  1. Role selection button : Select by dividing it into Clinician, Director, and Technician according to the user’s role.





  • Items except Remender, Address 2, State/Province/Region are required entries.
  • Passwords must be at least 8 digits and must be numeric + English + special characters.
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