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Sign up and Sign in

Describes the contextual screen configuration.

Start screen

3. 로그인페이지.jpg

1. Sign in

: Receive user information to use dentOne.

  • Sing in Failed

  • If you get Password wrong 5 times

  1. Please reconfirm your ID, Password.

  2. If you lose the password, please change the password by pressing the "Forgot password?" button.

  1. Automatic input protection characters are generated.

  2. Please enter the correct password and automatic input prevention characters.

2. Forgot password

: This screen resets the password if you lose the password.

4. 비밀번호 찾기.jpg
  1. Automatic input prevention character: Automatic input prevention character is displayed.

  2. Refresh button : This button reloads the anti-automatic character.

3. Create your account

: The screen that receives user information.

7. 롤선택.jpg
  1. Role selection button : Select by dividing it into Clinician, Director, and Technician according to the user's role.




2.회원가입 디렉터.jpg
2.회원가입 디자이너.jpg
  • Items except Remender, Address 2, State/Province/Region are required entries.

  • Passwords must be at least 8 digits and must be numeric + English + special characters.

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