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Get transparent clear aligner
design service from experts
with over 20 years of experience

Benefits of using dentOne design service

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Cost reduction

Compared to other companies, our products

are priced at around $44

per item, which is about

33% cheaper than the average price of other companies.

Unlimited steps.png

Unlimited steps

One key differentiator from other companies is that their products often have step limitations and additional fees for progressing beyond those steps, whereas our products have unlimited steps and are thus highly competitive.

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Clinician & technician QC

For the option that includes quality control by orthodontic specialists, other companies typically charge around $415, while our products are priced at $190, which is about 54% cheaper than premium lines offered by other companies.


How to order design service

  • Order option selection

  • Patient Registration

  • Design service request


Design Service price by dentOne

Over 20 years experienced

Design by specialist

Under 12 steps (03mth)



Under 48 steps (12mth)



Over 48 steps (over 12mth)



Design by exclusive orthodontist

Under 12 steps (03mth)



Under 48 steps (12mth)



Over 48 steps (over 12mth)



Review Service price by dentOne

Review by expert



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